2016 California – Criminal Conviction – Jose Fragozo

Jose Fragozo, a trustee on the Escondido Union School District Board, pleaded guilty to a felony charge that he voted in the 2014 general election while registered at an address where he did not live. Investigators determined that while he owned the property at that address, he actually lived at a nearby second home. The two properties lie in different board electoral zones, and California law requires elected officials to reside in the districts they represent. Fargozo claimed the false address as his residence shortly before announcing his candidacy for the board seat in that electoral zone. The remaining charges were dismissed pursuant to a plea agreement, in which Fragozo agreed to resign and not to seek electoral office for three years. The judge sentenced Fragozo to three years of probation, a single day in jail, 15 days of community service, and the payment of a fine and restitution which could total over $28,500.

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