Report Summary The Navarro Report: Michigan Report Summary The largest amount of ballots in question in Michigan stems from inexplicable vote tabulation surges along with alleged voting machine irregularities18 and ballots counted despite lacking voter- registration numbers. POTENTIAL ILLEGAL VOTES 446 K+ Margin of error > Margin of Victory 2 .8 x No Data Found […]
The Office of the Special Counsel files this Investigative Report on Wisconsin’s administration of the 2020 elections as a first step to begin restoring faith in America’s elections. This effort is undertaken because Americans’ faith in its election system was shaken by events both before and after the November 2020 Presidential election.
Report Summary The Navarro Report: Georgia Report Summary POSSIBLE ILLEGAL VOTES 613 K+ Margin of Error 24 X Greater than Margin of Victory Votes from incarcerated felons 2 K+ Georgia Votes from deceased voters 10 K+ Georgia Votes from vacant addresses 18 K+ Georgia Double Voters 395 Georgia Votes from vacant addresses 2 .5 K+ […]