Isac Dakuyo registered to vote online despite being ineligible since he was not a citizen. He then voted in the 2016 general election. He was charged with false swearing, a misdemeanor, for checking off on his voter registration that he was a citizen. He pleaded no contest to the charge and entered a diversion program […]
Charles Nathan Jackson, of Tarrant County, forged the name of a stranger, Mardene Hickerson, on an application for an early voting ballot. Jackson pleaded guilty to providing false information on a voting application, a felony, as part of a plea deal to avoid an enhancement for previous drug and theft offenses. He was sentenced to […]
Brian “Wormy” Hodge, a reserve deputy with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, conspired with Betty Best to buy votes for Randy White’s campaign for sheriff. White narrowly won the race, but was subsequently removed from the post. The pair paid between $20 and $40 per vote. Both pleaded guilty to conspiracy to buy votes, mainly […]
Simone Marie Thrasher, of Salem, made a series of false statements while acting as a petition circulator in the run-up to the 2016 election. Thrasher, who was gathering signatures on petitions for two proposed state laws, stole multiple peoples’ identities and committed other fraudulent acts. She was charged with 35 separate offenses: 14 counts of […]
Katie Meyer, of Medford, voted twice in 2016, in both Oregon and Colorado. Meyer was a student at a Colorado university, and registered to vote there. She also cast an absentee ballot in her Oregon hometown. She pleaded guilty to a violation and was ordered to pay a $225 fine. Meyer cancelled her Colorado voter […]
Betty Clark, of Haines, Oregon, voted twice in the 2016 election, in both Washington and Oregon. Clark was temporarily living in Vancouver to help her ailing father when she received and returned a ballot; she filled out a second ballot when she returned home to Oregon. Clark pleaded guilty to a charge of voting when […]