Carson Lee Tuttle voted by absentee ballot in Cabell County, West Virginia, and in person in Franklin County, Ohio, in the 2016 general election. Tuttle’s duplicate voting was detected during a crosscheck of voting records by the Ohio Secretary of State. Tuttle admitted to an investigator that he had voted twice and pleaded guilty to […]
Samuel Firn, of Fairmont in Marion County, was charged with illegal voting for voting twice in the 2016 Primary Election. He voted once in-person in Monogolia County then again in-person in Marion County. This information came to light after the Secretary of State’s Office crosschecked voter registration lists. Firn pleaded guilty to one count of […]
Andrew Spieles pleaded guilty to charges stemming from his submission of eighteen fraudulent voter registrations in connection with the 2016 presidential election. While working for Harrisonburg Votes, a voter registration organization affiliated with the Democratic Party, Spieles falsified voter registration information. In some cases, he registered deceased individuals. In others, he fabricated information about residents […]
Vafalay Massaquoi pleaded guilty to one count of falsifying voter registration applications and two counts of forging a public record. While working for New Virginia Majority, a liberal advocacy group, Massaquoi filed voter applications for completely made-up Alexandria residents. An Alexandria official noticed the voter applications were all filled out in the same handwriting and […]
Rosa Maria Ortega, a non-citizen, was found guilty on two counts of voting in the November 2012 general election and the 2014 Republican primary runoff. Ortega claimed she thought she was a citizen and blamed her lack of education for the mix-up, but prosecutors pointed out that Ortega had previously indicated on a drivers license […]
Rendon, Texas native Crystal Mason voted in the 2016 election despite being a convicted felon. At the time, Mason was out on supervised release following three years’ imprisonment on federal tax fraud charges. She claimed she was unaware of her ineligibility, despite signing an affidavit signifying she was not a felon prior to casting a […]