Robert Monroe, identified by prosecutors as the worst multiple-voter in state history, pleaded no contest to charges that he voted more than once in 2011 and 2012. Monroe’s record was extensive: he voted twice in the April 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court election, twice in the 2011 recall election of state Senator Alberta Darling, and five […]
Nebi Ademi, 63, a native of Macedonia who resides in Chippewa Falls, successfully cast a ballot in the April 2016 primary election, despite his status as a non-citizen. Ademi filled out a same-day registration, leaving blank the question about his citizenship. District Attorney Steve Gibbs noted that poll workers “should have caught this” and recommended, […]
Mary P. Taylor was found guilty of a misdemeanor charge of “communicating false information to registered voters.” Taylor, a critic of the Hampton school board, designed a fake website registered in the name of Ann Stephens Cherry, a candidate for the board, which endorsed incumbent Martha Mugler. On the website, Taylor posted a fake election […]
Guadalupe Rivera, a former Weslaco city commissioner, pleaded guilty to one count of providing illegal “assistance” to a voter by filling out an absentee ballot “in a way other than the way the voter directed or without direction from the voter.” The fraud took place during Rivera’s 2013 re-election bid, which he won by a […]
Prosecutors charged Graciela Sanchez with four misdemeanor counts of violating election law in an effort to assist Guadalupe Rivera win re-election to the post of Weslaco city commissioner in 2013. Rivera and Sanchez were found to have illegally “assisted” absentee ballot voters. The results of the election were disputed, and a judge determined that 30 […]
Hector Ramirez pleaded guilty to one count of criminal possession of a forged instrument. Ramirez, a 2014 State Assembly Candidate for the 86th District Assemby District, deceived voters into giving their absentee ballots to his campaign on the false premise that the campaign would then submit the ballots. Instead, Ramirez’s campaign inserted his name on […]