During the 2012 presidential election, Todd Murray stopped on his way home from work and voted at a polling place in New Berlin. He then proceeded to travel to his normal polling location in West Allis and cast a second ballot. In a show of the importance of the principle of “one person, one vote” […]
Marcie Malszycki, a legislative aide, pleaded guilty to charges that she voted in the wrong district in the 2010 election. That year, Malszycki voted in Onalaska, a town she temporarily resided in while doing campaign work, rather than Madison. A similar charge that she voted in the wrong district in 2008 was dismissed as part […]
Former Dallas County Justice of the Peace, Carlos Medrano, was convicted on one count of illegal voting. A grand jury had indicted him for two counts of soliciting votes of non-resident family members in his election for justice of the peace. He was sentenced to serve 180 days in jail, five years on probation, and […]