James Surkamp pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of unauthorized presence in a polling place. Surkamp, while serving as Jefferson County Commissioner, voted twice in a 2009 referendum. He cast his first vote during the early voting period and then attempted to vote again on election day. Surkamp, who subsequently lost his re-election bid in […]
In 2010, L.B. Dean pleaded guilty to a felony charge of Voting by a Disqualified Person. Dean was a felon, having been previously convicted on charges related to the manufacture and distribution of cocaine. He was thus ineligible, but cast a ballot in the 2008 presidential election nonetheless. He was sentenced to serve 60 days […]
Kevin Clancy and Maria Miles, both employees for ACORN, pleaded guilty to falsely procuring voter registration information after admitting that they submitted multiple voter registration forms for the same individuals. To meet quotas, Clancy admitted he and others also registered themselves multiple times. Clancy received a 10-month prison sentence, but will serve his time consecutively […]
While employed by the Community Voters Project, Frank Edmund Walton registered 70 voters for the 2008 election. Only 16 of those registrations contained accurate information, and at least one contained the information of a deceased voter. He was convicted of one count of falsely procuring voter registrations and sentenced to 52 days in jail and […]
Glenn Schofield of Chippewa Falls pleaded guilty to a charge of illegal voting. Schofield voted in the November 2008 election despite the fact that he was ineligible due to an existing felony record. He received a six-month suspended prison sentence, 18 months’ probation, and was ordered to pay a $1,230.25 court assessment.
Janice Waters, of Marysville, was convicted of illegal registration in the wrong county, absentee ballot fraud, and illegal double voting in the 2008 general election. Waters submitted a ballot for her son, who was a convicted felon and ineligible to vote. Upon questioning, Waters told the County Sheriff’s Office she did not submit her son’s […]