Dominick Forte pleaded guilty to a felony forgery charge in connection with election misconduct as the leader of the Town of Cornwall’s Conservative Party committee. Forte admitted to signing fake signatures on nominating petitions in a race for a county legislature seat. He was sentenced to a conditional discharge.
Teresa Monahan, of Santa Fe, New Mexico, pleaded guilty to voter fraud in a referendum election for casting her own vote and then seeking to vote by an absentee ballot for her deceased brother. She was convicted of a fourth degree felony and entered into a diversion program that stipulates if she complies with the […]
Horacio Favela, a former Sunland Park Municipal Judge, was convicted of falsely declaring himself a resident of Sunland Park in 2008 so he could run for his judgeship, falsifying a document that declared him a qualified voter, and voting twice in the 2004 general election–once in El Paso, Texas and once in Doa Ana County. […]
Samuel Gonzalez was indicted for tampering with ballots and fraudulently submitting ballots in favor of New Jersey Senator Teresa Ruiz. He and his co-conspirators obtained messenger ballots from the county clerk and submitted them to the board of elections as votes on behalf of voters who, in fact, never received or filled out their ballots. […]
Former Roselle Borough Council President Jamel Holley was charged with absentee ballot fraud for filling out and submitting more than 20 ballots in the 2006 election. The judge permitted Holley to enter into a pretrial intervention program for one year (if successfully completed, the charges would be dismissed) and to pay a $125 fine. Holley […]
Jerry Kennamore, a 2009 New Albany mayoral candidate, pleaded guilty to forging the name of his daughter as an attesting witness on an absentee ballot during the May 2009 Democratic primary. Kennamore’s plea was held in abeyance pending completion of five years of unsupervised probation and payment of a $1,000 fine plus court costs.