Johnny “Big John” Mendez, former Logan County Sheriff, pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to buy votes. Mendez bought votes for himself and a member of the state House of Delegates, making cash payments and offering more money to heads of households who could deliver the votes of all the eligible voters living at a […]
Johnny Wayne Akers, of Hardeman County, was charged with six counts of “possession of an official ballot or carrier envelope of another” for engaging in vote harvesting activities during a 2004 primary election in Texas. He pleaded guilty to possession of an official ballot, and was sentenced to two years of probation and ordered to […]
Mary Lou Simpson of Manchester was arrested after the 2004 election for attempting to vote in the name of her deceased sister. Ms. Simpson was spotted by a poll worker who recognized that she had already voted earlier in the day. The facts have been confirmed by the district attorney’s office which prosecuted the case. […]