Balogh was found guilty of making false or misleading statements to a public servant, as well as absentee ballot fraud and registration fraud. In 2006, Balogh registered her dog, Duncan, to vote under her address and telephone number and successfully completed and mailed an absentee ballot for him. Balogh claimed she was drawing attention to […]
ACORN workers in Seattle committed what the Secretary of State labeled as the worst case of voter registration fraud in Washington’s history. When ACORN’s national office threatened to shut down the group’s local office, Clifton Mitchell and his team began using fake names, addresses, birthdays, and social security numbers in order to meet their voter […]
Todd Stuart McGuire, of Port Townsend, was ordered to participate in a diversion program that includes five years of supervision. McGuire cast a ballot in his wife’s name in a 2007 special election. He agreed to an order that “facts sufficient for a guilty” finding existed in his case. McGuire was barred from voting during […]