Hannan Yassin Aboubaker submitted an absentee ballot in Minnesota’s Scott County for the 2016 election. She then voted at the Fargo Public Library in North Dakota “since she believed her absentee ballot for Minnesota was null and void.” Aboubaker pleaded guilty to voting twice by entering an Alford plea to a Class A misdemeanor election offense. Her sentence was deferred, and she was placed on unsupervised probation for six months, after which the case will be dismissed if she does not violate the term of her probation. North Dakota. 2018. Duplicate Voting. Criminal Conviction. Fraud Investigation. Report Summary
Dale Larsen was charged with voter fraud, a class A misdemeanor, for voting in both Burke and Ward counties in the 2016 election. He entered into a pre-trial agreement that stipulated his prosecution will be diverted after 6 months as long as he does not commit another crime during that time and follows through with neuropsychological testing. North Dakota. 2017. Duplicate Voting. Diversion Program. Fraud Investigation. Report Summary
Ten players on the North Dakota State football team, who had been hired to collect signatures for ballot petitions establishing a conservation fund and legalizing medical marijuana, each pleaded guilty to misdemeanor election fraud charges, admitting that rather than gathering signatures, they forged them. Each player was sentenced to 360 days of unsupervised community service, 50 hours of community service, and $325 in fines. North Dakota. 2012. Ballot Petition Fraud. Criminal Conviction. Fraud Investigation. Report Summary