Former Selectman Enrico Villamaino, a candidate for the Massachusetts House of Representatives, pleaded guilty to charges of larceny, interfering with an election official, forgery of a document, perjury, and conspiracy to commit an unlawful act for changing the party affiliations of 280 voters. He received a split sentence–one year imprisonment, but only four months behind […]
Courtney Llewellyn, an East Longmeadow town employee, conspired with her husband to cast absentee ballots in her husband’s race for state office. She changed the party registration of 285 registered Democrats to unaffiliated, and then requested Republican primary ballots for all of them. She and her husband took the ballots on the pretense of mailing […]
Mark Atlas, of Worchester, Massachusetts, was charged in 2013 with voter fraud for voting under someone else’s name. Although Atlas’ attorney claimed it was just a prank, he admitted to sufficient facts for a guilty finding. The charge was continued without a finding for one year, and Atlas was ordered to pay $1000 in court […]