Ajmal Shah was convicted in 2005 on two counts of voter fraud after Shah attempted to register to vote by providing fabricated information regarding U.S. citizenship. Shah was sentenced to time served, in addition to one year of supervised release for the first count and three years of supervised release for the second count, to […]
Carol Hannah, was registered to vote in Mohave County, Arizona, and Adams County, Colorado, and was convicted of voter fraud for voting in both states during the 2010 election. Hannah’s double voting was detected by the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program, a system in which Arizona shares voter data with at least 20 other states. […]
Elsadig Saeed Merghani pleaded guilty in 2016 to forging signatures on a petition to get two anti-fracking initiatives on the ballot in the 2016 general election. Merghani submitted at least three signatures that were marked as questionable upon review. The environmentalist-backed ballot measures ultimately did not garner sufficient signatures to qualify for the ballot.
Steven Curtis, the former head of the Colorado Republican Party, was charged with a misdemeanor election mail-in ballot offense, as well as one count of forgery of a public record. It was revealed through handwriting analysis that Curtis forged his ex-wife’s name on her ballot and mailed it in. He was found guilty and sentenced […]