Michael Singh, of Stratford, CT, registered to vote, voted, and eventually was elected to the town council despite the fact that he is not a U.S. citizen. An immigrant from Jamaica, he registered to vote in 1999, ran unsuccessfully for state senate in 2000, and won a seat on the Stratford town council in 2001, […]
Joshua Workman, a Canadian citizen who was one of the youngest delegates to the 2000 Republican National Convention, was charged by the Department of Justice with casting ineligible votes during the 2000 and 2002 primary and general elections in Avery County. He made false statements claiming U.S. citizenship in order to vote. As part of […]
Michelle Chandler, a worker in the city controller’s office, was charged with a fraudulent receipt of ballot, voting outside of her district, and perjury in connection to misconduct during the 2003 East Chicago Democratic mayoral primary. She was found guilty of one count of perjury in a jury trial, a felony, and given one year […]
Christine Chernosky, a Canadian citizen, came to the United States on a six-month visitor visa. During that time, she applied for a driver’s license, registered to vote, and voted in the 2004 election, a felony under Minnesota law. Immigration Judge ruled that this Canadian citizen could be deported from the U.S. and was inadmissible because […]