Crayton was convicted of impersonation fraud for illegally voting in her sister’s name during the 2002 election. She was caught when her sister tried to vote and the poll workers at the precinct found that her name had already been marked as having voted. Crayton pleaded guilty and received a two-year prison sentence, which was […]
Mary Lou Simpson of Manchester was arrested after the 2004 election for attempting to vote in the name of her deceased sister. Ms. Simpson was spotted by a poll worker who recognized that she had already voted earlier in the day. The facts have been confirmed by the district attorney’s office which prosecuted the case. […]
Jack Carol Crowder pleaded guilty to one count of fraudulent use of identifying information. Crowder impersonated his deceased father in the 2008 Democratic primary in Harris County. Crowder used his father’s registration card to cast a ballot in his name. He was sentenced to one year of deferred adjudication and ordered to pay a $200 […]
Almanza was charged with illegal voting and voter impersonation in a 2009 school district election. Almanza and one of her sons cast votes at a polling place. Later, Almanza brought her son back to the polls, where he cast a vote in the name of his incarcerated brother. She received a two-year suspended sentence, five […]
Delores McMillian, a poll worker in Dallas, pleaded guilty to trying to vote using another person’s voter registration information in the 2010 primary election. Another poll worker prevented her from casting a falsified ballot. She was sentenced to one year of probation and was ordered to pay $227 in court costs.
Eugene Victor wanted to prove a point about the potential for fraud in New Mexico elections by committing fraud himself. Mr. Victor cast a ballot in his son’s name and later turned himself in to the authorities. He pleaded no contest to a fourth-degree felony charge of false voting and is serving 18 months’ probation.
Mark Atlas, of Worchester, Massachusetts, was charged in 2013 with voter fraud for voting under someone else’s name. Although Atlas’ attorney claimed it was just a prank, he admitted to sufficient facts for a guilty finding. The charge was continued without a finding for one year, and Atlas was ordered to pay $1000 in court […]