Anthony Kimani, a citizen of Kenya, illegally registered and voted in the 2004 general election. Kimani first entered the United States on a visitor’s visa, which expired in 2000. He remained in the country illegally, later applying for permanent residency after marrying a U.S. citizen in 2003. Kimani was ordered deported after officials discovered his […]
For more than a year, the town of Pembroke had no mayor. Challenges stemming from voting irregularities and possible fraud continue long after a disputed November 2015 election and a March 2016 re-do. In the 2015 election, former town councilman Allen Dial won the mayoral post, but following residency challenges by runner-up Greg Cummings, the […]
Following a contested election because of voter irregularities for the Precinct 7 City Council seat in the town of Lumberton, the State Board of Elections ordered new election. In the initial election for the City Council seat, incumbent Leon Maynor held a one-vote lead over challenger Laura Sampson after several recounts. The second election also […]
The Cleveland County Board of Elections determined that Robert Dean Hudson illegally voted despite being a convicted felon whose voting rights had not been restored. According to the Board, Hudson cast a ballot on October 20th, during North Carolina’s early voting period. His ballot was ordered removed by the Board, and Hudson was referred for […]