The Fresno Chapter of the Black American Political Association of California orchestrated a ballot harvesting scheme in order to win 13 seats on various Fresno County school boards. Through a scheme organized by Frank Revis, BAPAC received over 1,300 absentee ballots delivered to addresses provided by BAPAC, not those of the individual voters. Over 250 […]
The results of the 1993 mayoral election in Hialeah were voided by a Dade County judge after the discovery of several forged absentee ballots. The judge found that one of the candidates had a 2-to-1 advantage in absentee ballots, which he attributed to “overzealous” campaign workers at an elderly home in addition to several non-residents […]
A 2001 election in Compton turned into a multi-year legal drama as candidates for city council and mayor traded accusations of fraud. In the election, incumbent Mayor Omar Bradley lost to challenger Eric Perrodin by 281 votes, and Leslie Irving (a Perrodin ally) defeated Melanie Andrews for an open city council seat. Bradley sued, alleging […]
Christine Chernosky, a Canadian citizen, came to the United States on a six-month visitor visa. During that time, she applied for a driver’s license, registered to vote, and voted in the 2004 election, a felony under Minnesota law. Immigration Judge ruled that this Canadian citizen could be deported from the U.S. and was inadmissible because […]
On election night, it appeared that political newcomer Ryan Horn defeated incumbent City Councilman Dennis Flores in the primary for Lorain City Council Democratic Ward 2. Flores claimed, through his attorney, that the voting was rigged. Following a lengthy trial, Common Pleas Court Judge Mark Betleski invalidated the initial election results and declared Flores to […]
Penny Hubbard, the incumbent, won the 2016 Democratic primary for Missouri’s 78th House District by 90 votes. Her challenger, Bruce Franks Jr., contested the results, citing the lopsided absentee vote tally that heavily favored Hubbard. District Judge Rex Burlison determined that a sufficient number of improper absentee ballots had been cast to change the results […]